eParliament Article Types

Academic research often goes unnoticed by the general public, and even academics from other fields. Our ultimate goal is to bridge this knowledge gap by making complex ideas and research accessible to everyone. Knowledge accessibility and communication between experts and the public is essential to catalyzing social and technological innovation.

Towards this end, eParliament accepts three types of articles: Ideas, Proposals, and Written Three Minute Theses (W3MT). All eParliament articles are written in accessible language that a non-specialist audience can understand. Please read about our articles below and select a type of article to view its submission guidelines.

Are you an expert in your field of research who wants to share your knowledge with society? Or have you recently published an article and would like to communicate your findings with the public? Share your expertise by writing an Ideas article!    View the submission guidelines for Ideas

Have you identified a problem and want to propose action towards the development of a solution? Start the discussion by writing a Proposal!    View the submission guidelines for Proposals

Are you a graduate student who is passionate about your research and want to share it with everyone? Share your research broadly by writing a new article type called the Written Three Minute Thesis (W3MT)!    View the submission guidelines for W3MTs