Written Three Minute Theses (W3MTs). Expose Research.

Graduate students explain their research in accessible articles that can be read in 3 minutes or less. 

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Building for the Future: Construction of Soil for Land Reclamation

Valerie Miller, University of Alberta. As the human population continues to grow, strategies to protect and heal the earth are essential.  Land reclamation strategies can be used to restore healthy ecosystems for future generations.

2018-04-15-W3MT2 - Bishop (2018) W3MT Image - Shepherd and his grandson, each uniquely caring for their flock in a small village in Thessaly, Greece.jpg

food for thought: a Biochemical study of ancient Greek shepherding

Katherine Bishop, University of Alberta. There are limits to what the archeological record can tell us. New research in biochemistry gives us the power to see how animals were managed thousands of years ago.

2018-04-03-W3MT1 - cropped Figure_Swayamdipta Bhaduri.png

Tiny bacteria can fix a grand problem

Swayamdipta Bhaduri, Ph.D. University of Alberta. One possible solution for global warming is to store greenhouse gasses underground. To do this, bacteria are used to seal the pores in underground chambers and make them air tight.