Written Three Minute Theses (W3MTs). Expose Research.

Graduate students explain their research in accessible articles that can be read in 3 minutes or less. 

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Supercritical Fluid Extraction: Recovering the Unrecoverable

Heidi Cossey, University of Alberta. Oil is a precious, but dangerous resource, where large amounts are left behind in waste streams generated by humans in the Alberta oil sands. An innovative engineering technique can recover this resource from waste streams.


Building for the Future: Construction of Soil for Land Reclamation

Valerie Miller, University of Alberta. As the human population continues to grow, strategies to protect and heal the earth are essential.  Land reclamation strategies can be used to restore healthy ecosystems for future generations.

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The quick sketch approach to manage complex systems

Ajay Ganesh, University of Alberta. We have our own quick sketch models of the reality around us. Be it modeling the traffic flow while driving, employing intricate culinary techniques while cooking or while carefully sipping a hot beverage.

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A Fuel of the Future

Danish Dar, University of Alberta. Fossil fuels are unsustainable, difficult to process, and hazardous to the environment. A switch to a renewable, cheap, and eco-friendly fuel ( Di-Methyl Ether; DME) may have us all breathing easier, as new research suggests.

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food for thought: a Biochemical study of ancient Greek shepherding

Katherine Bishop, University of Alberta. There are limits to what the archeological record can tell us. New research in biochemistry gives us the power to see how animals were managed thousands of years ago.


Adolescent Girls’ Sexuality and Mental Health - The Hidden Link

Neelam Saleem Punjani, University of Alberta. Sexual health incorporates a wide range of interlinked mental, physical, and emotional factors. There is an increasing need to explore how sexuality-related experiences of adolescents may affect their mental health.


Landscape change through before-and-after pictures

Julie Fortin, University of Victoria. Human land use can alter natural biodiversity, and in certain areas, even increase forest cover. Since this can increase wildfire potential and risk, new research aims to study this process through a clever use of old images.

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Tiny bacteria can fix a grand problem

Swayamdipta Bhaduri, Ph.D. University of Alberta. One possible solution for global warming is to store greenhouse gasses underground. To do this, bacteria are used to seal the pores in underground chambers and make them air tight. 


Walking the teenage tightrope: tools for managing obesity in teenagers

Maryam Kebbe, University of Alberta. Imagine a time when you tried to change your lifestyle for the better. My research aimed to develop a clinical, bilingual (English and French) tool to help improve conversations between teenagers and health professionals.